Commercial Paper Shredding & Document Destruction

Does your business need confidential, compliant commercial paper destruction services? The Shred Source mobile truck will come to your location and pick up your bulk documents and provide you with an official certificate of destruction guaranteeing that all of your sensitive information has been destroyed.

If you are in business and collect or maintain private information from your employees or customers, you are legally required by Federal FACTA and HIPPA as well as newly implemented state legislation to shred this critical information.

While it is obvious that all businesses are required to shred these documents, the best method is not. At the Shred Source we deliver clarity with compliance.

The Shred Source delivers cost effective solutions for all applications. Whether, Financial, Healthcare, Professional Services, Government Agencies, Colleges and Universities, Retail Hospitality or Hi-tech, The Shred Source provides safe, secure solutions with painless integration.

Simply stated, there are two types of shredding needs.

Recurring Shredding:

The ongoing timely secure destruction of sensitive material, done on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

The Shred Source recurring shredding service will pick up your documents in locked toters or consoles, that are provide at no additional charge, with our secure vehicles and transport them directly to our facility where the destruction takes place within hours of their arrival.

Both shredding services are offered in either onsite or offsite formats. Offsite destruction is typically the most cost effective and preferred method of destruction in most instances. While Onsite destruction is typically reserved for the most sensitive documentation it is the most expensive.

On site or Off site, The Shred Source offers the best solutions for your needs.

Purge Shredding:

The elimination of a substantial amount of documents covering one or more periods. This is often done at year-end to eliminate the oldest set of records, which are no longer legally required to be maintained.

The Shred Source purge shredding services will take your documents currently housed in your containers, boxes or bags directly from your storage facility or office and transport them in our secure vehicles to our facility for destruction within in hours of their arrival.


Certificate of Destruction
Introductory Compliance Plan

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