Residential Paper Shredding & Document Destruction

If you need safe, accurate & secure shredding services, The Shred Source guarantees your privacy. You can drop off your paper on site at our office or we can pick up your documents from your residence and recycle them at our local center. We will provide you with a guarantee certificate that your documents were destroyed. A personal paper shredder will never do that.

Given the huge increase in identity theft, one can take little chance in the disposal of sensitive records and paperwork. The Shred Source, unlike most companies, has long recognized the often overlooked need and stands ready to respond.

Our on-site and off-site residential service is available for jobs of all sizes. We work with all customers to address each and every instance with a cost effective solution.

Our options make it possible for everyone to have peace of mind in knowing that their sensitive information has been processed in a way that it will never come back to harm them. From onsite destruction to offsite destruction to customers dropping materials off and witnessing the actual destruction, we look to provide what you need.


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